New Hope Senior Citizens Centre


Welcome to New Hope

New Hope Senior Citizens Centre
2006 Programs & Services


Our in-house program, which operates three days a week (sometimes four for special workshops), brings seniors from our community to New Hope for a variety of recreational and celebratory activities. The focus is for seniors to socialize, get into shape, have fun, be stimulated intellectually and creatively, and be entertained. We encourage our members to fully participate in all programs by making suggestions, leading new activities and sharing their own expertise through education or recreation.

Seniors Wellness Program

The Wellness Program offers a series of educational workshops and information sessions focusing on prevention in areas of great interest and importance to our members – nutrition and health, elder abuse, safety, pain management, etc. Through education, we promote good health, safety and the general well being of our seniors.

Community Luncheons & Recreation Program

Knowing that wellness must include the body, mind and soul, we offer our members a variety of recreational and celebratory acitivities, such as:

· Community Luncheons

Seniors gather on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at our community luncheons for friendship as well as for delicious and nutritious meals.

· “Viactive” Exercise Program

Three times a week, we offer a non-aerobic exercise program called “Viactive”. Our trained volunteers lead this program, which was designed for seniors by a multidisciplinary health team.

- Country Line Dancing

- Member Birthday Celebrations; Holiday Celebrations & Entertainment

- Trivia Quiz Time, Bingo, Discussion Group, etc.

Celebrity of the Week Program

Through this seniors recognition program, we celebrate the lives of each of our members – their uniqueness, their contributions to society, etc. We try to ensure that seniors who may once have lead productive lives do not become anonymous persons. On a regular basis, during lunchtime, one of our members, or sometimes a senior from the greater community, shares a story with the group about his or her life or talents. Eventually we hope to enrich the program by filming these oral histories and sharing them with homebound seniors to help reconnect them to their community. We would also record isolated seniors’ stories and share them with our members in-house.



Weaving Our Neighbourhood

Weaving our Neighbourhood is a unique pilot project, in its intial stages of development. It is a comprehensive, community based outreach program to help homebound seniors in NDG reconnect to their community thereby alleviating isolation and its devastating consequences on their quality of life. As our population is aging, the Weaving our Neighbourhood outreach program seeks to mobilize the entire community (individuals of all ages, businesses, politicians…) to help take responsibility in fighting against isolation.

The program encompasses, in part, the following initiatives:

The Friendly Visiting Program

  • This program, led by our outreach coordinator, is designed to reach out to frail and isolated seniors who are unable or uncomfortable visiting the centre. Through ongoing visits by trained volunteers, the goal is to help these seniors maintain a link with the outside world and when possible, assist them in reintegrating into community life. Referrals come mainly from the CSSS Cavendish (CLSCs René-Cassin & NDG/Montréal-Ouest). Volunteers are thoroughly screened and provided with orientation sessions prior to starting their volunteer work.

The Meals on Wheels Program

  • The Meals on Wheels (MOW) Program provides home delivery of meals to seniors, primarily in NDG, who are physically and/or psychologically challenged. Hot nutritious meals, along with frozen meals, offer a much needed and viable alternative to shopping and having to prepare meals. Complete meals are substantial, including a main course, soup or salad, and desert. The program operates three times a week. Referrals to the MOW program mainly come from the CSSS Cavendish (CLSCs René-Cassin & NDG/Montréal-Ouest) and The Montréal Volunteer Bureau. Our professional program coordinator assesses each request for this service.

The Intergenerational Program

  • In liason with the CSSS Cavendish and three West End high schools, New Hope seniors participated in a six-month program (in 2005) of regular get togethers with local youth that were facilitated by New Hope staff and high school counsellors. The aim of this pilot project was to bridge generational gaps and help break isolation amongst seniors in our community. We hope to repeat the program in the future.

Christmas & Hannukah Baskets Initiative

  • Every year, volunteers work with New Hope’s coordinator to prepare and deliver baskets to ensure that homebound seniors with little or no social or family network are all remembered during the year-end holiday season. This program was initiated by the late Lucy Pompeo, one of our members, who created a New Hope clothing boutique, now called “Lucy’s Boutique”, to raise funds for the baskets.

Seniors Out & About Program

We provide transportation services to and from our Centre for seniors living in the NDG sector with reduced mobility and not eligible for adapted transport, thus enabling them to participate in our activities. We also occasionally organize, in collaboration with other community groups, recreational and cultural outings (city tours, going to the theatre, etc.). In addition, we collaborate with the CSSS Cavendish to offer a group grocery shopping service.


Volunteer Coordination and Recognition Program

This program is designed to provide our volunteers with guidance, supervision and training, as well as to recognize and thank them on a regular basis for sharing their talents and energy and for making a commitment to New Hope. Our volunteers are truly the backbone of the Centre and the reason we are a success!


Artsy Seniors Program

The goal of this new program is to bring the arts and culture to life for our members by providing stimulating workshops; some led by the seniors themselves, and a space to explore their creativity with their peers.

Techno Savvy Seniors

The goal of this new program is to provide computer and Internet training for seniors who frequent the centre as well as to those who are homebound. Part of the longterm goal is to help break isolation amongst homebound seniors be providing them with used computers and access to Internet.


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